2.4GHz digital Wireless Video Door Phone
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2.4GHz digital  Wireless Video Door Phone

2.4GHz digital  Wireless Video Door Phone
2.4GHz digital  Wireless Video Door Phone
2.4GHz digital  Wireless Video Door Phone
2.4GHz digital  Wireless Video Door Phone

2.4GHz digital Wireless Video Door Phone

Manufacturer: Engage Hobby
MPN: 2047
Unit: set
Price: $156.00
Retail: $299.00
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Product name: Wireless Video Door Phone with the Features of 3.5 inch TFT LCD Screen,1000pcs of Pictures Recording,Clear Night Vision and 300m Transfer Distance

Item No.: LL-165


 1.  Introduction

This system operates in the 2.4GHz radio band for wireless transmission of digital audio and video signals. It can be used in apartments, villas, hotels, offices, public buildings etc.

With a fashion and fresh outlook, the view is clear and sharp. The outdoor unit is easy to install while the indoor unit do not require any communication wires. You can use the system where the wireless signal can reach, such as dining room, living room, balcony, kitchen and so on. So this is an ideal safety product for modern families.

2.  Features

(1)  This system applies 2.4GHz digital frequency hopping and encryption technology. Transmission distance in open terrain is up to about 280meters, robust anti-interference and high degree of confidentiality;

(2)  Outdoor unit integrates a wide-angle lens, with clear night vision;

(3)  The indoor unit uses a high-definition 3.5 inch digital display screen and monitor. The door can be unlocked by wireless control;

(4)  Hands free call and talk function;

(5)  Indoor unit take pictures automatically or manually, and up to 1000 pictures (based memory) can be stored and browse;

(6)  Standby mode is supported for indoor unit with adjustable volume;

(7)  MiniUSB interface is provided for indoor unit with replacement rechargeable Lithium battery;

(8)  One outdoor unit can support up to 2pcs indoor units and vice versa;

(9)  Compliant with FCC, CE, R&TTE standards.

1. Introduction

This product can be used in apartments, villas, hotels, offices, public buildings etc.

The outdoor camera is easy to install, you can use the indoor monitor where the wireless signal can reach. Indoor monitor can hang on the wall, cabinet etc. can also be place on the desk, tea table, dining table etc.

2.  Features

(1)  2.4GHz digital frequency hopping and encryption technology, transmission distance up to 300 meters at open area, robust anti-interference;

(2)  Clear night vision;

(3)  Rain shield for the outdoor camera is available;

(4)  3.5 inch TFT panel and monitoring all the while;

(5)  Hands-free talk, wireless unlock;

(6)  16 chord melodies and melody volume is adjustable;

(7)  Date (only one outdoor camera with one indoor monitor system is available) and time appears on screen;

(8)  Indoor monitor store up to 100pcs pictures, pictures mark date and time;

(9)  Brightness and talk volume are adjustable;

(10)  USB charge interface, BL-5J battery is replaceable and rechargeable;

(11)  One outdoor camera support up to 4pcs indoor monitors simultaneously and vice versa;

3. Packing list

(1)  Outdoor camera    Size: 126×93×42mm

(2)  Indoor monitor      Size: 141×87×20mm

(1) Speaker (2)  ‘Monitor’ button

(6)  ’Unlock’ button (7) ’Talk’ button (8)  Left (9) ?Down (10)  Right

(11) charging light (12) Working light (13)  ‘Camera’ button (14)?Up

(15) USB interface (16) Power switch (17) Fixed slot (18) Battery lid (19) Bracket   

6. Installation

The outdoor camera should be installed at the shielded position to be free from direct shinning of strong light and raining, the height for installation is recommended to be 1.5m~1.7m for camera to focus on the best monitoring range. Com-signal will be weakened if there are obstacles between the installation position of outdoor camera and indoor monitor, check the best sign of monitor when install the outdoor camera to get the best position.

If wiring needs to go through wall, the plug shall be first wrapped with tape so as to avoid the sand or dirt going into the plug thus resulting in malfunction.

(1) Take off the screw on the bottom, remove the back box.

In the talk mode and indoor monitor has dynamic image from outdoor camera, press ?, ?adjust brightness, adjust level: 0-7

B Operation

(1) Indoor monitor turn on/off

Turn on:  Turn the power switch to “ON”, working light display red and rings the melody.

Turn off:  Turn the power switch to “OFF”,   working light off?

Com-sign max is level 6.  Battery bar max is level 4.

(2) Talk, unlock

The visitor presses thecall button of the outdoor camera, all indoor monitors will sound melody and show the image of visitor.

  A.  Press  button of one indoor monitor to speak to visitor before unlock. Other indoor monitors can see the image but can not hear sound of the visitor. If you want to let other indoor monitor to talk, press  button to close the current dialogue, then another indoor monitor press  button to speak to visitor.



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