Inflatable Children House Bouncer, Toys Bouncers
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Inflatable Children House Bouncer, Toys Bouncers

Inflatable Children House Bouncer, Toys Bouncers

Manufacturer: EngageHobby
SKU: 15-5218512
ISBN: Bouncer0902
MPN: 2406
UPC: sports
Price: $346.00
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Fits for 0-6 years old children
Free 1 set Air Pump

Prohibit direct contact with sharp or open flame, inflatable want right amount. Both (eighty percent)

Inflatable caused by excessive blowout is beyond repair, please fill some of the winter, summer please put some gas gas, to keep the best state.

? repair steps ?
1, according to the mouth of the cave or damaged cut out the size of the patches;
2, thoroughly clean the surface on injured; Will glue evenly coated in the folksy and repair of surface;
3, at least 30 seconds for the dry;
4, will patches intohis on injured in the bed body fully bonding.
5, rest for at least 2 hours. Do not stand for air during.

1, at the winter temperature difference is bigger, receiving goods do not immediately after charging, wait for material be carried out only after soften slightly inflatable, in case in low temperature cause material harden, under external force accidental damage;
2, inflatable products buying back to immediately after the first time, but can be inflated gas been filled out eight hours after 12 hours (best) just can use, gas indoor tape pull and sewing JieChu need a buffer process;
3, first inflatable 24 hours, general inflatable products will some slack, this is normal phenomenon, because the gas chamber of elastic material, been filled out a little gas will become soft, some turgid will feel lax, just to reach the expected effect after air line, but not too full cheer;
4, any inflatable products (including tires) will be natural leakage, this is normal phenomenon.

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